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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

A chart showing the various strengths of topical steroids.
Coming off Topical Steroids

So starting with babies the creams may be hydrocortisone 0.1%. The initially dry itchy skin, may become more evident in the creases and even seem wetter and oozing and spreading. It's often systemic by this time and there will be frequent GP trips or phone calls and still no resolution. The creams do not cure but they may soothe. Eczema is often autoimmune related and starts with gut issues; toxins eg antibiotics; family history of eczema and allergies.

It's not possible to resolve chronic eczema with an external application so homeopathic medicine treats from the inside out.

The pillules are made from milk sugar (sac-lac) and drops of the processed medicating potency are dropped onto them to medicate.

Homeopathic medicine is processed naturally from animal, vegetable, and mineral sources.

The skin is the largest organ of the body internal imbalance will be expressed here in order to protect the more important delicate and inaccessible organs.

We are all different. Homeopathy is not like orthodox medicine and approaches health differently. It is an individual approach. Its medicines (termed remedies to differentiate from a drug that will have side effects,) trigger the body to heal. Over the years the creams may well become stronger and stronger and eventually stop working where they have never actually resolved the original issue(s) in any case.

Homeopathy medicine triggers you to heal yourself. We have clever bodies they are always trying to be well

A full consultation and a thorough symptom picture will begin my prescribing journey and this is every two months although I am available for support and advice in between appointments.

It takes a little while to get to know our patients and to build our relationship so I ask for consideration of three visits to begin to see have the time to assess how things are changing and improving and a permanent and upwards direction.

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