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I first became aware of the power of homeopathic medicine 35 years ago. 

Our second child was what drew me into 4 years of intensive study at The London School of Homeopathy in Regents Park.

As a three-year-old, he exploded in terrible eczema following surgery and drugs. Nothing helped from steroid cream to iodine baths. He had septic eczema and was hospitalised and given antibiotics. The situation was out of control and I found a homeopath kindly willing to treat him. The guidance and advice, support, plus my son's remedies cleared his skin within 18 months, just with homeopathy and a natural oil, as the skin was so blistered, broken and bleeding. 

The homeopathic treatment triggered his eczema recovery, galvanised his constitution, his emotions, and his development milestones. As a family, we have not looked back on eczema ever since, and homeopathic medicine is our first point of call. I have since developed a niche in eczema and skin conditions, including acne.


I am registered with HINT, Homeopathy International so am happy to consult with patients all over the world.  My intent is to get you the best results you can have, as fast as possible. I believe homeopathy will begin to outstrip main medicine as the medicine of choice in the next few years. It is safe, natural, individual, and has no unpleasant side effects or toxins. 

Feel free to book a free 15 minute discovery call, or go ahead and book your first consultation here. I look forward to helping you.

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