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Eczema - A Modern Epidemic?

I am increasingly finding people searching for realistic and natural solutions for eczema.

In my experience homeopathic treatment for this understatedly distressing condition works as no other. The totally successful and complete resolution for my own child led me to train as a homeopath. I qualified after 4 years in 2004. I am studying and learning all the time.

Once hooked; homeopathy becomes the first choice in everyday medicine for over 20 million people worldwide. More chronic conditions need the work of a qualified registered homeopath.

I like my own patients to have a home kit for them to use on my advice, while undergoing follow ups.

5-year-old Girl. Pre and Post Homeopathy.

These shots were of course given by kind permission of her parents. Eleanor had got to stage 4 steroids in a cream; strong. The stronger they are, the deeper their effect on the gut and the skin. The skin being the largest organ of the body will always try to express inner disturbance. This can be toxins; perhaps baby jabs or antibiotics. There is nearly always a family history of skin issues. Often the allergies come with this auto-immune situation. Parents often have the child tested. As the skin resolves the allergies can also.

I gave very gentle gut remedies in homeopathic preparation to help clear the toxins. Children love the remedies as they are made from sucrose and taste delightful. They are then medicated with the medicating potency. She had homeopathy to help the skin eliminate better at a more herbal level; creams, vitamin and diet advice. I rarely take people off their steroids for the first three months and then wean off mixing in a more natural cream. Follow ups are three monthly. I often post remedies out from my own stock. The EU has become more difficult in this respect recently, so I email the remedies for collection from a pharmacy in your country.

The homeopathic medicines are not expensive, its more the time taken to work out the individual case from here.

Skin before starting homeopathic treatment.

Skin - After Homeopathy

" Homeopathy has been a game-changer." ( Mum)

So, 18 months later, we now have this lovely little girl free to sun and free to sand. Holidays were always so hard but now she can play happily. She is way ahead at school and loving it and all her friends. Thanks to her mum for her trust and patience in homeopathy too!

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