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Natural Creams for Dry Itchy Eczema and Sore and Broken Skin

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Not eczema; psoriasis in a young man suffering work stress. Apart from treating him daily with just one bowel nosode remedy for three weeks, he used Calendula cream to help soothe. This acute psoriasis was offered steroids from a GP by photo sharing. Three weeks later it was gone. His constitutional remedy galvanized him against stress so that was the end of acute psoriasis. Without homeopathic treatment, normally a person would take the creams prescribed by a GP. These would more than likely have just squashed down the symptoms and the underlying causes not addressed permanently.

Calendula cream helps here. It's antiseptic and healing for open wounds and cuts. There had been antibiotics prescribed for an infection on this 10-year-old's arm. Homeopathy treated the gut from antibiotic and steroid toxicity, greatly resolving the issue.

Homeopathic treatment resolved this eczema in 4 months. Two prescriptions. He had had eczema since the age of six months and had been taking a milder steroid off and on as well as being dairy-free.

Balmond's is a heavier natural cream and seems to suit more dry skin. I find it useful for patients who have been finding that paraffin-based creams help retain moisture although they are occlusive and prevent the skin from breathing. Useful on dry and itchy skin that is not broken.

I really like Calendula Cream. It's soothing and antiseptic. Its made from crushed marigold flowers and mixed with an almond oil base. It's amazing for broken skin; cuts and grazes too.

Creams are to soothe and soften and do not resolve eczema as it is an external expression in internal (gut) imbalance, autoimmune in the sense that resolves or can be resolved. Hence, allergy connection in many cases.

Homeopathic medicine is more than the band-aid of conventional medicine which really has some way to go in offering a permanent solution to eczema and is a trigger for the body to heal itself. It's the process of diluting and shaking a remedy in controlled homeopathic pharmaceutical labs many times, that gives it the energetic quality that the body needs for health shift in a positive direction.

Stellaria/Chickweed is a cream I often advise my patients to use too in their

journey to come off steroids. It's a good idea to have a few to see what works for you. We can begin to reduce steroids gradually if you have a high dose of one as there are several categories from mild to much stronger creams.

  • Borage Oil

  • Coconut oil

These are also useful. There are quite a few natural creams on the market nowadays.

NOTE. Oats in a muslin or a sock and run under the hot tap will make the bathwater milky and soothing.

A quarter of a cup of apple cider vinegar in a warm bath is a good antiseptic. You can increase to half a cup under advice.

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