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Eczema Acne and Skin Problems Solved with Homeopathic Medicine


It was the astonishing recovery of my second child’s recovery from eczema that propelled me into an initial four years of study. (2000) I have undergone professional development ever since.

Homeopathic medicine has a wonderful track record here for skin bar none other. The skin is often termed the second gut and imbalance here will try to clear via the skin as it’s the body’s attempt to override the issue.  I have so much enjoyed seeing my patients recover. Homeopathic medicine will treat the gut/symptoms/emotions/family history and I can advise on creams diet and additional resources. Creams such as hydrocortisone are a sticking plaster

that will not resolve the root underlying trigger. These can be toxins in the gut/allergies/family history and perhaps emotional aspects.

Sometimes the speed of recovery does astonish even me. Children are often quicker as they have less suppression.



“Our little girl developed eczema around 3 months. We tried everything suggested by the GP.  It just got worse and I used to cry every day for her and the condition of her skin. We found homeopathy and through Gillian and my daughter recovered completely. Her skin is beautiful now and her allergies cleared too. Even when she got chickenpox homeopathy healed and so quickly.  It always works. We love our home kit and use it whenever we need to. It keeps us away from the GP for everyday complaints. So grateful for homeopathy and Gill's support all the way."

Vladimira McTrusty



“My baby had weeping itchy skin on his face and body from 4 months. We tried everything from the doctors, some topical creams even made it worse. Steroid creams were a short-term fix and could not be used on the face long term anyway. The eczema was dry and scaly. He itched until it bled. I am so pleased to say that from Gills treatment it has fully disappeared. He sleeps through the night and I can take him swimming. I cannot thank you enough!” 

Jodie King

Eczema treatment for babies face


"I made an appointment to see Gill for eczema on my nipples. The creams did not help from the GP. I took the remedies received quickly in the post and eczema cleared. Gill later treated my new born."

Hannah Ireson



I experienced sudden alarming "rocking palpitations" after which my GP prescribed my Levothyroxine. I was not happy to go down a lifetime of a drug that would affect my ability to recover naturally. Gillian prescribed homeopathic medicine for me. My energy and hormone levels were balanced. Very grateful to find her. ( I gave homeopathic Thyroidinum and Nat Mur.)

Diane Roesche

Acute psoriasis treatment



Acute psoriasis in a 30-year-old. Gave him a bowel nosode related to his constitutional for 3 weeks and it cleared earlier than the remedies. He was pleased not to have had to take the steroidal-based cream prescribed by the GP. (Homeopathic bowel nosode.) I am a huge fan of our homeopathic gut nosodes. The skin is the largest organ of the body and will express internal imbalance whether from eg toxins/family history or emotional upset. The mind has a huge effect on the body. All are interrelated. I love our gut nosodes. There are about a dozen.

Sean James


My two-year-old son had terrible eczema and chickenpox at the same time. Gill treated Frankie for chickenpox and then eczema over 8 months. His whole health from past ongoing ear infections, and moreover, skin, cleared amazingly well with no sign. As his skin cleared he become happier and more outgoing. No more eczema!


When Frankie was 4 and a half he had fear of using the toilet properly which would have impacted greatly on school. Gill gave just three pellets over 24 hours and his fear went. He is a happy confident and eczema-free child. Thanks so much for your help and expertise.  

Deb Greaves

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