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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

This little boy started with dry rough skin on his torso at four months. There was a family history of eczema.

The GP prescribed moisturiser with a paraffin base. Lots of eczema barrier creams have this. It is occlusive and stops the skin from breathing. There was no resolution and the dry skin patches moved further onto the arms and the upper thighs. It became itchy and irritated and he was now scratching and breaking the skin.

The GP then prescribed hydrocortisone ointment of 0.5%. Eczema further spread to the face and neck and he was still very itchy and scratching. The skin was broken and bleeding where it was scratched. A stronger 1% hydrocortisone steroid was then given, again by the GP.

At just this potency the skin spread to the creases of his body and was cracked and bleeding and very uncomfortable for him and distressing for the whole family. By now eczema had become chronic. This is so sad and as homeopaths, we see this all the time.

Modern medicine does not resonate with the fact that eczema is a form of immune system disorder and that creams and lotions do not treat the root triggers. The skin is the largest organ of the body and exhibits skin symptoms on the surface, in order to protect the more important inner organs. Eczema is autoimmune and can be triggered by gut issues such as toxins from antibiotics to prescription drugs. There is often an allergy to dairy and there is usually a family history.

Homeopathy treats the individual over a period of months. It works in a completely different way to conventional drugs and lotions due to the way they are processed. Made from animal vegetable and mineral sources, they are developed in controlled pharmacies to an energetic level that works with the patient and are not a generic drug or lotion commonly given by a GP or even a dermatologist.

The overuse and even abuse by steroids ARE now seeing us with an eczema epidemic. Steroids suppress the symptoms and do not resolve the skin expression which is showing that something needs addressing from the inside. Emotional stress can also affect the skin and here again, homeopathy has much more answers.

Homeopathy has the answers to permanently resolve eczema and skin conditions. We have a dozen or so gut remedies termed nosodes that have an astonishing ability to reset the damaged gut clearing the way forward. Homeopaths see far fewer patients than a GP or specialist, due to the amount of work and support in pacing our clients through and supporting them.

If you have been on steroids, it is best to wean off them so that the body does not kick back and flare badly after so much suppression. The steroids are several strengths and we may need to move to weaker ones and then dilute with natural creams. You may note, often long-term steroid users may also have asthma. If the eczema is suppressed it will often drive the complaint deeper.

This little boy had three prescriptions over five months with homeopathy. His skin fully resolved and there was no repeat of the symptoms. This is common. Homeopathy is safe, gentle effective, and completely natural.

Homeopathy is the number one for eczema bar none other. It clears the inside, permanently.

Please book a free 15-MINUTE chat via Zoom or Skype. You can also WHATSAPP via my business page if you are in the UK or Europe.

FB Gillian Sugrue Family Homeopath

FB Treating Eczema Using Homeopathic Medicine (Closed Group)

I may reduce the creams the patient is on initially and mix with a percentage of natural cream while perhaps giving a daily remedy to help reset the gut although every case is individual. I see patients two monthly and post out remedies wherever possible. If not I will email your prescription to order from a homeopathic pharmacy in your own country. These are not costly.


First Full Consultation 1 to 1.5 hrs

  • Details of the complaint

  • When it began (Aetiology)

  • The person behind the complaint (mental and emotional)

  • Physical general symptoms and what makes it better or worse (temperature etc)

  • Miasmatic influence. (Personal and family medical history)

  • Diet! Supplements and current medication

I then form my strategy in gently building up the constitution, resetting the gut to balance this autoimmune block to cure, posting or emailing your remedies. I am on hand to help and support until follow-up two months later.

Homeopathic medicines are processed in controlled labs. The art and science of passionate healing, past, present, and future healing.

01892 724003

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