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13 Year Old Boy - Eczema From a Baby

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

  • These shots are via the kind permission of both boy and mum. Eczema since a baby. It was affecting his confidence and he was becoming a teenager.

  • The steroid was hydrocortisone low. It was used fairly infrequently as mum was aware of the issues from long-term and overuse. It was however turned to for over for 12 years. Dairy-free and diet conscious. Over 8 weeks, (first prescription) we reduced and stopped the creams from steroid percentage in a natural cream to zero. Homeopathic medicine (remedies) were given alongside tailing off petroleum-based creams as these stop the skin from breathing.

  • A gut nosode begins to clear the antibiotics and daily organ support to allow his skin help to detox.

  • During the second prescription, his face was much less flared and patches on his body began to show signs of healing

Third Follow Up

Great improvement. He is so grateful and delighted to be out and about with his huge circle of friends without worrying about his skin. After the third appointment, we finished our treatment.

So this young man completely cleared eczema in 6 or 7 months. He had been prescribed antibiotics the previous winter so I treated this first. I gave remedies to hold in case there were signs of any infection. At one point he did use these as the skin began to be a bit weepy and crusting.

As he was rising 13 he was so happy to be able to move into his teenage years free from skin problems. There was no eczema, it was completely resolved.

Gotta LOVE homeopathy! Happy boy and happy family. Eczema free!

Working online and internationally.

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