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What IS Homeopathic Medicine ?


So..What IS Homeopathy?


Homeopathy was discovered over 200 years ago by a German doctor called Samuel Hahneman who was disillusioned by the heroic medicine of the time such as leeching and purging. He wanted science and a more gentle and effective solution to curing people of their ills. There was such a lot of malaria in those days; people were exploring the world. The one cure it seemed to him was the use of quinine for malaria. In experimenting Sam Hahneman took quinine daily as this was used to treat malaria 

Discovering Homeopathy

So Hahnemann found that taking lots of quinine gave him symptoms of malaria. He tried the same experiment on his wife Melanie and she too showed symptoms of Malaria. This was a big discovery and led this genius to process the quinine by dilution and shaking step by step to render the quinine harmless but energetic in strength (potency) 

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