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Gill Sugrue Homeopath


More and more people are looking for a natural resolution for eczema, parents of babies and children, to adults.  

Children can often be easier to respond to homeopathic treatment as they have had much less suppression. Adults, in most cases, have had eczema since they were babies and therefore many years of steroids and more. 

Babies can start with dry skin patches. They are prescribed perhaps a light steroid. The skin clears then the eczema comes back. What often follows are more steroids, perhaps stronger.  The eczema appears in the creases and is by now, systemic. The reliance on steroids has begun.

The various strengths of steroidal applications come in a "one size fits all." Its quite alarming that they do not resolve. How to get off them now? 


I find it best not to remove my patients from their steroid creams and similar for the first three months while homeopathy is doing its hardest work. I am often initially treating the gut health. There may be toxins from antibiotics and raised gut sensitivity from child vaccinations. There is nearly always a family history of eczema. 

Follow ups are three monthly with support and advice in between.

Follow up is booked for three months after the consultation. I can offer support in between appointments. 

I live in Kent in the UK and consult internationally via Zoom or Skype. 

Your reasons for eczema are completely unique to you and a full case history allows me to begin treatment.


Homeopaths have much fewer patients than a GP or specialist due to the time they take with each case.

I have 20 years of experience with patients across the board. 

As a family its always our first port of call and for 20 million people worldwide. 

Why not book a free 20-minute meeting to see if you would like to work with me.  Homeopathy clears from the inside out without just suppressing the symptoms.

The aim is to resolve and homeopathy as a safe medicine is a number one above all others.

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