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Gill Sugrue Homeopath

I qualified in 2004 at Regents College London and have been a practicing licensed and registered homeopath since then, undergoing continual professional development.


I live in Kent in the UK and consult here in England and internationally via Zoom or Skype. As a family, we have used homeopathic medicine for over 30 years and it's always the first port of call for all our health concerns. I am passionate about this art and science of a form of medicine that treats the individual and not the label. 


Homeopathy works in a different way from general medicine. The process of preparation of the natural substances acts as a trigger for the body to heal itself. It is a dynamic, complete medicine, and prescriptions are tailored to each individual, so the process of healing is not the same as generic medicine where one type fits all.

Homeopaths have much fewer patients than a GP or Specialist due to the time they take with each case.

I have 18 years of experience with patients across the board. 


  • Eczema and skin conditions are my niche and homeopathy is a number one here bar none other 

  • Babies and children's health and milestones. ADHD and similar labels that impact negatively on both child and family dynamics

  • Women's health including PCOS menopause

  • Anxiety, grief, and depression

  • Pre and post-op recovery/acute illness

  • Consultations by Zoom/Skype Clinic Setting

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